Foglia D'oro ensures that the overall quality and freshness of the flowers, accessories and related services delivered to you are guaranteed by our business practices. Foglia D'oro ensures that the flowers are delivered to you ready to be prepared and hydrated. After delivery, all flowers need to be hydrated and we recommend that you prepare and carefully hydrate them immediately for at least two (2) hours. Depending on the type of flowers you order, the appearance of the flowers can vary significantly once they are hydrated and bloomed.

Flowers are natural products and therefore, exhibit some individuality, including spots and color variations. For this reason, the differences and imperfections that occur naturally are not included in our quality guarantee. Foglia D'oro does not promise that the flowers, accessories and related services provided are free of imperfections.

It is your duty to properly look after the flowers, accessories and related services delivered to you. Foglia D'oro shall not be held responsible for products mishandled by customers. It is recommended that either you or your representative be present for delivery.  Foglia D'oro shall not be liable for any loss or stolen packaging, damage to the flowers as a result of weather conditions, delays on the part of the distribution partners, delays on the part of any governmental authorities/ customs or for any other unforeseen events.

If your flower shipment does not satisfy you, you are requested to follow the grievance redressal procedure along with the timelines as mentioned in the Supply Agreement that you have entered into with us. On receipt of delivery of the flowers, you are requested to IMMEDIATELY call us at 080- 46520910  and email us at info@foglia-doro.com . All complaints must be communicated verbally and accompanied with digital pictures displaying all the flowers as delivered to you within 24 (twenty- four) hours of receipt of the services including the flowers or your claim shall not be accepted and no refund will be granted. In order to process your claim, we may request digital pictures and/or return of all flowers (for quality inspection).